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Dog Bite Injuries

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Dog bite incidents in Texas can result in severe and sometimes life-altering injuries. Our law firm is experienced in handling dog bite cases, helping victims navigate the complexities of Texas animal control laws and liability issues. We advocate for those injured by dog attacks, confronting pet owners and their insurance companies to secure the compensation our clients deserve for their injuries, pain, and suffering.


Texas Dog Bite Laws and Owner Liability

Texas follows the "one bite rule," which means a dog owner can be held liable for an attack if they knew the dog had shown aggressive tendencies or had bitten someone before. This rule places a significant burden on the victim to prove the owner's prior knowledge of the dog's aggression. In addition to the one bite rule, local municipalities in Texas may have specific ordinances that hold dog owners to a stricter standard of liability, including leash laws and requirements for "dangerous dogs." Understanding these legal nuances is crucial for victims of dog bites, as it affects their ability to seek and recover damages from the dog owner or their insurance.

Challenges in Dog Bite Claims

Pursuing compensation after a dog bite can be challenging due to the need to establish the owner's prior knowledge of the dog’s aggressiveness. Victims must often contend with insufficient evidence regarding the dog's history or behavior, complicating the claim process. Insurance companies may deny liability or diminish the severity of injuries to reduce payouts. Collecting detailed statements from witnesses, medical records documenting the injuries, and any previous reports of aggression can be crucial. Engaging a dog bite lawyer is essential for navigating these complexities, ensuring proper investigation, and achieving a fair settlement.

Houston, Texas Dog Bite Lawyers

Our firm, Danny Ray Scott and Gulf Coast Insurance Lawyers, specializes in representing victims of dog bites in Houston and across Texas. We have extensive experience in dealing with complex dog bite cases and a deep understanding of both state and local laws governing pet owner responsibilities. Our team is committed to aggressively pursuing the rights of victims, ensuring they receive adequate compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and emotional distress. If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog, it is essential to contact a knowledgeable attorney who can effectively handle your claim and guide you through the legal process. Reach out to us today to discuss your case and explore your legal options.

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