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Hailstorms, common in Texas, pose significant risks to property, causing billions in damages annually. Their unpredictability exacerbates the challenge of preparation. In 2019, Texas experienced over 872 hail events, damaging homes, vehicles, and commercial properties. Hail can impact roofs, windows, and exteriors, as well as personal property inside homes and vehicles. Our firm has a strong track record in handling hailstorm cases across Texas. We fight against insurance companies that delay, underpay, or deny claims, ensuring policyholders receive rightful compensation. Trust us to hold insurers accountable for their obligations.


Bad Faith Practices

Because of the massive expenses that storms like these cause, insurance companies are slow to respond to the large influx of claims that result from Texas hail events. Although carriers are aware of the risk of large-scale storms and other disasters, they still don’t appropriately deal with the volume of claims these storms generate partly because they have a costly effect on their bottom line. After a Texas hailstorm, insurers will often attempt to deny, dispute, or delay valid claims for property damage, pointing to a variety of excuses for their bad faith actions, including:

  • Arguing the damage was preexisting
  • Claiming poor construction or lax property maintenance caused or contributed to the loss
  • Blaming the damage on manufacturing defects or other alternative causes
  • Undervaluing the loss or damage
  • Insisting the damage only requires minor repairs
  • Refusing to pay for related expenses like debris removal and/or living expenses

Working with an experienced first party hailstorm insurance lawyer has its advantages. Our team will help increase the value of your claim, review and explain all of the terms of your insurance policy, discuss all applicable insurance laws with you, pursue additional damages under Texas law that extend beyond the terms of your policy, and more. While hired gun claims adjusters working on behalf of insurance companies will tell you that your damage is simply cosmetic and easy to repair, we know better. Adjuster estimates are usually wrong and are valued far below the true cost a qualified expert would assess for your hailstorm property damage claim. If you accept their low-ball estimate and ultimate offer, you could wind up with decreased property value due to affected building infrastructure.

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Danny Ray Scott and the team at Gulf Coast Insurance Lawyers exclusively handle policyholder rights cases against insurance companies for the wrongful delay, denial, and underpayment of valid property damage claims. Our first party insurance lawyers are here when disaster strikes to get you paid for your losses. We offer free consultations to discuss your situation in detail and take all insurance cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning you owe us nothing unless we are able to recover financial compensation for you.

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